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The 5 most popular cosmetic programs for this holiday

More Americans are giving beautiful gifts this holiday season. A complimentary cosmetic service certificate is especially popular among romantic couples. Economists assume that the increase in cosmetic gifts is driven by technology that has revolutionized the beauty industry. Ten years ago, cosmetic surgery was performed in the operating room of surgeons and scalpels. But with the invention of non-invasive procedures, such as CoolSculpting, frozen fat, or Fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures are more affordable and more desirable. Do you want to give your lover a gift of beauty during this holiday? Then you are not alone. See the 5 most popular cosmetic programs people buy for others. #5: Laser skin resurfacing Laser technology has become a major product in the non-invasive cosmetics industry. Lasers that use intense pulsed light (commonly known as IPL lasers) can be used to restore even skin tone or to reduce discolored skin pigments such as age spots or birthmarks. #4: Microdermabrasion For people who want younger, smoother skin, microdermabrasion is a popular cosmetic surgery. Microdermabrasion sprays crystals onto the skin, similar to a gentle sand blaster that removes dead skin and dull outer skin. More advanced microdermabrasion systems use rods of crystal encrustation instead of spraying the crystal onto the skin. Removing the outer skin can stimulate skin cell renewal and increase the natural production of body collagen. Microdermabrasion is often used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, acne scars or age spots. #3: Body contour Non-invasive body contour repair programs make traditional cosmetic procedures such as liposuction seem obsolete and even brutal. Through non-invasive body contours, state-of-the-art technology is used to freeze or heat unwanted fat. These procedures are fast, usually completed in less than an hour, and are painless and require no downtime. They are also very effective. Clinical studies have shown that patients receiving Liposonix (calorie-based body shaping) or CoolSculpting (cold-based body shaping) will lose one inch from the waist circumference by a single, one-hour treatment. #2: Skin filler Skin fillers are a popular gift choice because they are relatively inexpensive, non-invasive, and effectively restore facial harmony, reduce signs of aging, or fill in depressions such as wrinkles or scars. Most dermal fillers are some kind of hyaluronic acid. Skin fillers containing hyaluronic acid fill small cracks or dents created by wrinkles, unlike botulinum toxins that relax the muscles beneath the wrinkles. Skin fillers can also be used as a bulking agent in the face area. #1: Laser hair removal Laser hair removal is a good gift for anyone who is a slave to a razor or a scorpion. This is the most effective way to achieve permanent hair loss. During this process, the laser hair removal machine technician directs the laser-emitting handheld device to the treatment area. The melanin in the hair absorbs the laser, causing thermal damage. Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments to target all hair in the treated area, but once the hair disappears, it usually disappears.

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