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Hair removal: the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of charm

With all the different methods of hair removal, your choices may be overwhelming. Which hair removal method is right for you? The first factor to consider is the location. Where is your body, do you want to remove hair from your hair? The ideal hair removal method to get rid of the flowing chin hair may not be suitable for a smooth and hairless bikini series. As Glamour's beauty writer Leah Prinzivalli explains in her article "The Ultimate Guide to Body Hair Removal: Which Method Is Right for You?" explains "Handling Body Hair to Meet Different Needs of Different Needs" to help her glamorous readers think of this, Prinzivalli Interview with hair removal experts to discuss the pros and cons of popular hair removal methods. Waxing Waxing is an effective method of depilation for all skin types. It is ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas such as bikini lines and underarms. But be careful, Glamy warns that when buying hair removal in New York City, “inexperienced waxing can burn the skin, so if the wax feels too hot, be sure to say it immediately.” Expert Tip: If you choose to wax, please shave 3 days before the appointment. This method of depilation requires some hair to adhere to the wax. Laser hair removal Laser hair removal machine is the gold standard for handling excess body hair. It is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction and can significantly reduce hair from almost anywhere in the body, from head to toe. Some of the newer lasers are used to remove hair's advanced technology, making it suitable for any skin type. Older hair removal lasers can be limited to light skin and dark body hair. Expert Tip: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have recently sun exposure, then it is important to avoid diode laser hair removal. scratch Shaving: A tradition of trial and trust that removes excess hair from any part of the body, and one dares to slip through the razor. This form of hair removal is very popular because anyone can do it, it's fast and relatively inexpensive to remove hair (and a good set of tweezers.) Of course, shaving has its drawbacks: cuts, razor burns And fast hair regeneration, to name a few. Expert Tip: In order to reduce razor burns and skin irritation, Glamour recommends that readers limit shaving "once a week" and add that "pre-exfoliation helps to prepare the skin." Of course, consider the rapid hair regeneration encountered when shaving For most readers, shaving once a week seems too rare. Hair removal cream Hair removal creams or hair removal creams, such as Nair, use chemical formulas to destroy hair follicles. This type of hair removal method has long been used and is suitable for use in certain situations when you need to remove hair immediately but do not want to shave and have a risk of razor burns or any skin irritation to other forms of hair removal, such as waxing. Expert Tip: Test your hair removal cream on site and apply it to your body to ensure that the cream does not disturb your skin. Also, please follow the indicated time limit. Leaving the hair removal cream on the skin for too long can cause burns and irritation. electrolysis Electrolysis in a method for removing hair involves a cumbersome process of penetrating each hair with a tiny needle and killing it with an electric current. Electrolysis works for all skin tones, but, as Glamour said: “It used to be more popular because it handles the color of gold and light hair... now more advanced laser hair removal technology can do it for us To this point." Expert Tip: Before choosing this method of reducing hair, make sure you don't have acupuncture and you have high pain tolerance.


The 5 most popular cosmetic programs for this holiday

More Americans are giving beautiful gifts this holiday season. A complimentary cosmetic service certificate is especially popular among romantic couples. Economists assume that the increase in cosmetic gifts is driven by technology that has revolutionized the beauty industry. Ten years ago, cosmetic surgery was performed in the operating room of surgeons and scalpels. But with the invention of non-invasive procedures, such as CoolSculpting, frozen fat, or Fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures are more affordable and more desirable. Do you want to give your lover a gift of beauty during this holiday? Then you are not alone. See the 5 most popular cosmetic programs people buy for others. #5: Laser skin resurfacing Laser technology has become a major product in the non-invasive cosmetics industry. Lasers that use intense pulsed light (commonly known as IPL lasers) can be used to restore even skin tone or to reduce discolored skin pigments such as age spots or birthmarks. #4: Microdermabrasion For people who want younger, smoother skin, microdermabrasion is a popular cosmetic surgery. Microdermabrasion sprays crystals onto the skin, similar to a gentle sand blaster that removes dead skin and dull outer skin. More advanced microdermabrasion systems use rods of crystal encrustation instead of spraying the crystal onto the skin. Removing the outer skin can stimulate skin cell renewal and increase the natural production of body collagen. Microdermabrasion is often used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, acne scars or age spots. #3: Body contour Non-invasive body contour repair programs make traditional cosmetic procedures such as liposuction seem obsolete and even brutal. Through non-invasive body contours, state-of-the-art technology is used to freeze or heat unwanted fat. These procedures are fast, usually completed in less than an hour, and are painless and require no downtime. They are also very effective. Clinical studies have shown that patients receiving Liposonix (calorie-based body shaping) or CoolSculpting (cold-based body shaping) will lose one inch from the waist circumference by a single, one-hour treatment. #2: Skin filler Skin fillers are a popular gift choice because they are relatively inexpensive, non-invasive, and effectively restore facial harmony, reduce signs of aging, or fill in depressions such as wrinkles or scars. Most dermal fillers are some kind of hyaluronic acid. Skin fillers containing hyaluronic acid fill small cracks or dents created by wrinkles, unlike botulinum toxins that relax the muscles beneath the wrinkles. Skin fillers can also be used as a bulking agent in the face area. #1: Laser hair removal Laser hair removal is a good gift for anyone who is a slave to a razor or a scorpion. This is the most effective way to achieve permanent hair loss. During this process, the laser hair removal machine technician directs the laser-emitting handheld device to the treatment area. The melanin in the hair absorbs the laser, causing thermal damage. Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments to target all hair in the treated area, but once the hair disappears, it usually disappears.


Skin tightening introduction

Firming is a good way to improve your beauty. how about it? The answer is simple. Firming can help you look younger. Young women tend to be more attractive to men and feel more beautiful. These are important changes that we can make. After all, body beauty is a true beauty. As the saying goes, “the content inside” may be the most important, but the problems outside are also important.

Closeup portrait of a beautiful young woman has several ways to tighten the skin. RF skin tightening machine is an accepted method. It involves heating the underlying layers of the skin, causing them to produce collagen and repair itself. This process leads to austerity. Another method uses pulsed light. In general, it uses heat to do the same thing, but it's just a little less focused on deeper layers. Let us get rid of that complicated conversation. It's important to remember that, in general, firming the skin can enhance your beauty and make you look younger.

Let's take a look at the skin tightening tips provided by the NYC Spa. Most spas recommend tightening the skin on women with loose skin or body. For example, some women are heavier than they are now. Losing weight usually causes the skin to relax. Skin tightening options, such as "hot image" technology, can be used to help the skin loosen in the abdomen and elsewhere.

Of course, even the best laser skin tightening offered by New York City poses a slight risk. After all, we are heating the skin to tighten it, which sounds a bit like playing God with our body. Frankly, the risk is small. Most people have almost no pain during and after surgery. By the way, the results are often very compelling. If you don't believe us, please check some pictures before and after!

The cost of laser skin tightening is not as bad as people. The RF skin tightening option is also good. What we are saying here is not super cheap, but we think the results make the price valuable. For example, Thermage skin tightening has shown great results in using heat to change the way our skin appears. For example, in the tens of thousands of successful cases of this product, the entire "double chin" and sagging skin have been removed.

If you need a little boost to make your skin look great, check out this app now! Skin firming is really effective. Go to a spa with some real experts and see what they recommend for you. They recommend different things depending on the severity or problem of your loose skin and the location of the problem. Finally, this app is often well worth it. Accept our words.


Traitement de l'acné au laser et alternatives

Beaucoup de gens ont vu des critiques de traitements au laser contre l'acné. Que vous soyez une adolescente, une femme ou l'une d'entre elles, vous avez le droit et la raison de rendre votre visage parfait. Parlons du coût de divers traitements, en particulier du traitement au laser, que nous avons tendance à recommander. Le coût du traitement de l'acné par une IPL photofacial machine ne peut être calculé que par votre professionnel du spa. Nous effectuons donc une estimation et une comparaison.

Traitement de l'acné à New York

Commençons par le meilleur moyen de traiter l'acné avec un produit reconnu par un professionnel: utiliser une pilule ou une crème fournie par un dermatologue (ou les deux!) Benzaclin, Retin-A Micro et même des antibiotiques sont utilisés quotidiennement pour traiter l’acné. Et votre assurance les couvre généralement. Le problème ici est que ce ne sont pas aussi bons que les traitements de spa. Supposons que vous ayez un rendez-vous chaud vendredi prochain et que votre peau éclate aujourd’hui. Vous voudrez traiter votre peau rapidement et complètement, et les crèmes et les pilules habituelles ne la couperont pas. Oui, ils sont généralement bon marché, mais ils travailleront toujours quand ils travailleront.

Microdermabrasion pour l'acné

Ensuite, nous avons une crème de microdermabrasion recommandée par les professionnels. Votre dermatologue ne vous dit souvent rien. Les microcristaux et autres éléments peuvent nettoyer les pores et enlever la couche supérieure de la peau, favorisant ainsi la croissance de couches plus profondes et plus propres. Le coût ici est généralement inférieur au traitement au laser. C'est une bonne option pour ceux qui veulent un traitement et ne peuvent pas se permettre ou ont le temps d'utiliser un traitement au laser.

Traitement au laser de l'acné

Mais la meilleure solution consiste à continuer de demander à votre spa ou à votre médecin des informations sur le traitement au laser. Après tout, cette technologie de pointe vous permet de voir rapidement les résultats et de continuer votre vie plus rapidement. Assurez-vous simplement que vous avez le temps de faire un traitement ou plus. Ce processus fonctionne mieux lorsque vous effectuez cette procédure plusieurs fois.

Traitement des cicatrices d'acné

La dernière chose à considérer est que les cicatrices d'acné peuvent être profondes ou peu profondes, tout comme l'acné. L'acné kystique est généralement plus profonde, cicatrisée plus longtemps et davantage cicatrisée. Des cicatrices plus permanentes peuvent nécessiter plus de traitement que des cicatrices nouvelles ou plus petites. Le coût du  traitement par IPL Skin Regeneration machine pour traiter les cicatrices d'acné est différent. Avant de décider combien de traitement est nécessaire, vous devez considérer votre propre visage.

C'est la différence de prix. Nous ne mentionnons pas les traitements naturels contre l'acné, car ils ne fonctionnent généralement pas, mais vous devez vérifier votre alimentation et les facteurs de stress de votre vie! Comme vous pouvez le constater, la plupart d’entre nous recommandons les lasers. Si vous vivez dans un endroit isolé ou si vous n’avez pas le temps, vous pouvez envisager d’utiliser une crème microdermabrasion, même des pilules et des crèmes. Oh! Bien sûr, vous pouvez même l'utiliser ensemble. De nombreuses personnes prennent des pilules contre l'acné lors d'un traitement au laser.


What you should know about laser hair removal versus electrolysis

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam (laser) to remove excess hair.

During laser hair removal, the light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. Light energy is converted into heat energy, thereby damaging the tubular sac within the hair-producing skin (hair follicle). This damage can inhibit or delay future hair growth.

Although laser hair removal effectively extends the long-term growth of hair, it usually does not result in permanent hair loss. Initial hair removal requires multiple laser hair removal treatments and may require maintenance therapy. Diode laser hair removal is most effective for people with lighter skin and dark hair.


The risk of side effects varies with skin type, hair color, treatment plan, and compliance with pre- and post-treatment care. The most common side effects of laser hair removal include:

Skin allergies. Temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling may occur after laser hair removal. Any signs and symptoms usually disappear within a few hours.
Pigment changes. Laser hair removal may darken or brighten affected skin, usually temporary. Skin whitening mainly affects those who can't avoid sun exposure before and after treatment and those with darker skin.
In rare cases, laser hair removal can cause skin blisters, scarring, scarring or other changes. Other rare side effects include graying of treated hair or excessive hair growth around the treated area, especially on deeper skin.

Laser hair removal is not recommended for eyelids, eyebrows or surrounding areas due to possible eye damage.

What can you expect?

Laser hair removal usually requires a series of two to six treatments. The interval between treatments will vary depending on the location. In areas where the hair is growing rapidly, such as the upper lip, treatment can be repeated in four to eight weeks. In areas where hair growth is slow, such as the back, treatment may occur every 12 to 16 weeks.

For each treatment, you should wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beam. The assistant may shave again if necessary. Your doctor may use a local anesthetic on your skin to reduce any discomfort during treatment.

In the program
The doctor will press the handheld laser instrument on the skin. Depending on the type of laser, the instrument's tip cooling device or cold gel can be used to protect your skin and reduce the risk of side effects.

When the doctor activates the laser, the laser beam will travel through your skin to the hair follicle. The intense heat from the laser beam destroys the hair follicles, thereby inhibiting hair growth. You may feel uncomfortable, such as warm acupuncture, and you may feel a cooling device or a gel cold.

Treating a small area, like the upper lip, may only take a few minutes. Treating larger areas, such as the back, can take more than an hour.

after surgery

During the first few hours after laser hair removal, you may notice redness and swelling.

To reduce any discomfort, apply ice to the treatment area. If you develop a skin reaction immediately after laser hair removal, your doctor may apply a steroid cream to the affected area.

Avoid sun exposure between laser hair removal and scheduled treatment - including natural sunlight and tanning beds - for six weeks or as directed by your doctor. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day.

Hair won't fall off immediately, but you will fall off within a few days to a few weeks. This may seem like hair continues to grow. Repeated treatment is usually necessary because of the loss of hair growth and naturally occurring in one cycle, and laser treatment is best suited for hair follicles in the new growth stage.

The results vary widely and are difficult to predict. Most people experience hair removal for several months and may last for years, but laser hair removal machine does not guarantee permanent hair removal. When the hair is regenerated, its color is usually finer and lighter.

You may need to maintain laser treatment to reduce hair for a long time.


8 maneras efectivas de combatir el vello facial molesto

Los hombres con vello facial son una cosa, pero tener tu propio vello facial es otro tema. El pelo suelto equivocado en nuestra barbilla, labio superior y en otros lugares puede ser molesto y vergonzoso, y lo más importante, costoso de manejar. Afortunadamente, hay algunas opciones que pueden ayudarnos a combatir el vello facial; el único problema es encontrar el que más le convenga.

El primer paso para lidiar con la depilación facial es determinar si se trata de problemas hormonales, en cuyo caso debe consultar a un endocrinólogo, a un dermatólogo certificado, a un centro de dermatología, a cosméticos y al fundador Dr. David Bank. Cirugía de la Laser hair removal machine  . Además de las hormonas, la causa más común de vello facial no deseado o no deseado es la herencia. Mire a sus parientes cercanos: si les brotan muchos pelos en lugares similares, también tendrá la oportunidad de heredar esta tendencia. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre qué categoría podría ser adecuada, es mejor consultar a un médico antes de comenzar cualquier tratamiento, dijo el Dr. Bank.


El Dr. Bank dijo que varios láseres, como  diode laser hair removal machine, han demostrado ser muy eficaces para reducir el crecimiento del vello. “El láser funciona apuntando a la melanina en el cabello y en los folículos pilosos. Desafortunadamente ", agregó," estos tratamientos no eliminan todos los folículos pilosos a la vez, por lo que necesita tratamientos múltiples para reducir el 80% al 90%. Folículos pilosos. "Sin embargo, los láseres tienen un efecto permanente en la depilación. Porque cambian la calidad y textura del cabello. La regeneración del cabello es más delgada y de color más claro, pero el principal inconveniente es el costo, sin mencionar la posibilidad de una leve irritación de la piel.


El Dr. Bank dijo que la electrólisis puede ser dolorosa porque requiere que la aguja se inserte en un solo folículo piloso, y solo puede manejar un folículo piloso a la vez, lo que significa muchas agujas pequeñas. También puede ser costoso y requiere múltiples visitas para lograr resultados, pero es mejor para el labio superior y las cejas.


El Dr. Bank dijo que la depilación con cera es rápida y fácil, pero también es dolorosa. Funciona bien a corto plazo porque arranca el cabello directamente de las raíces ... pero el mismo efecto puede causar una ligera irritación. El Dr. Bank advirtió que este método puede causar el crecimiento del cabello y la inflamación de los folículos pilosos. El lado consciente de los costos de los errores de depilación profesional, pero también hay muchas opciones de depilación domiciliaria de venta libre.


La depilación es otra opción rápida y fácil que se puede hacer en casa. Sin embargo, también pueden ser dolorosos y pueden quemar la piel y causar irritación y sequedad en la piel, dijo el Dr. Bank. No olvidemos el olor desagradable.


"Las mujeres de Brasil nunca se afeitan el vello facial, sino que las blanquean", dijo la periodista de tendencias Anna De Souza. "Nunca tienes que arriesgarte a hacer crecer tu cabello hacia adentro, puedes usar el blanqueador restante en tu antebrazo negro para una doble tarea". Observa.


El afeitado es, sin duda, la forma más pequeña de eliminar el exceso de vello: es rápido y fácil y se puede hacer en cualquier lugar. Sin embargo, debe repetirse con frecuencia, y puede causar que los cabellos encarnados e irriten la piel, especialmente si tiene piel sensible, dijo el Dr. Bank. Vale la pena mencionar que solo puede eliminar el vello en la superficie de la piel, en lugar de tratar directamente con los folículos pilosos, por lo que debe hacerse con frecuencia.


Ramy Gafni, artista de maquillaje de celebridades, y Brow Guru dijeron que para unas pocas barbillas extravagantes, sáquelos con unas pinzas. Es rápido, eficiente y no irrita la piel.

Terapia de calor

“Para cualquier persona, el vello facial no deseado no es atractivo, especialmente cuando está reforzado con base y maquillaje. Para eliminar el vello facial no deseado, les digo a mis clientes que no lo usen. MICRO, el último dispositivo de depilación No! ¡No! Use calor en lugar de luz para eliminar y tratar el exceso de cabello de inmediato ”, dijo Cynde Watson, una artista de maquillaje famosa y experta en belleza.


You need to know before trying laser hair removal

Shaving, plucking, waxing... all of this takes time, but for those who prefer smooth and hairless, they seem to be the only available option. However, if you are willing to pay a little extra cash, you can choose a longer result: laser hair removal. This high-tech method uses light to actually destroy the hair follicles, leaving your skin without the fluff.

Before completing this process, we ask some professionals to tell us all the information you need to know.

1. Laser hair removal is not as complicated as it sounds.

Any service with the word "laser" in its name may look daunting, but it's actually very simple. “The energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, causing damage to the roots,” explains Dr. Margarita Lolis, a New York dermatologist. Once the root is destroyed, it will not produce more hair.

2. There are three main types of lasers.

According to Rachel Sharoff, authorized beauticians at the Skintology Skin and Laser Center can quickly learn about the most popular types of lasers:

Diodes: Diode laser hair removal machine are very effective for light and dark skin.

Alexandrite: This laser is the fastest of all laser types and is ideal for treating larger body areas in patients with mild olives.

Nd:YAG: This long pulse laser can be safely used in all skin types, including tanning skin. It is less effective for light or fine hair than other types of lasers.

3. Laser hair removal works best in four aspects.

Although laser hair removal can work on any body part where you want to remove hair, it is especially effective for bikini, lip, chin and underarm areas.

A person with thick, thick, black hair is the best person for laser hair removal.
If you have dark hair and are annoyed with how stubborn it is to regenerate and remove, then be happy: "The laser is attracted to the pigment or color in the hair follicle," Sharoff explains.

In other words, it takes longer to use thicker hair completely. “Some hairs are just very durable, sometimes new because of hair changes or other hairballs becoming active during treatment,” explains Dr. Birnur Aral, Director of Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab with personal experience in lasers.

4. You will see real results after about 6 to 8 treatments.

Dr. Lolis said that everyone is different, so the number of conversations for each person varies from person to person. “Laser hair removal works when the hair is at an active growth rate,” she explains. Different parts of the body have different growth rates, so it may take longer or shorter depending on the area you are treating, but Sharoff points out that most patients require an average of six to eight treatments to completely remove the hair.

5. One thing you need to do before you make an appointment: shave.

“We ask you to shave the area you are treating beforehand so that the laser can penetrate the roots of the hair – not aiming or burning any hair on or outside the skin,” Sharoff suggested. She is very concerned about the shaving aspect of this preparation, because: "One month before the start of your meeting, you should not wax any hair, lice or bleach because the roots need to remain intact so that the laser can effectively destroy the hair.".

6. After treatment, you need to apply SPF to the affected area.

After the end of your meeting, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and it is highly recommended to use sunscreens such as Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector ($29, (But, hey, you use sunscreen every day, right?) Dr. Aral also pointed out that any hair growth between sessions should be shaved - don't wax or thread.

7. Each meeting costs between $50 and $300.

The price of your laser hair removal machine varies from vendor to vendor, but Dr. Lolis says it can depend on where you remove the hair.

Considering that multiple treatments are usually required to completely prevent hair growth, this is not an inexpensive treatment. But if you like hairless skin, imagine using a razor or going to the salon to spend the rest of your life with wax - laser hair removal can be seen as a more long-term investment when you think of all the costs. In addition, some service providers offer packages for customers who purchase multiple sessions at a time, so be sure to ask for any available specials.

8. There are some risks.

Although laser hair removal is considered a safe treatment, Dr. Lolis pointed out the risk of burns, and the FDA added that blistering, discoloration, redness and scarring are also potential side effects. It's also possible that your hair will grow back, Dr. Aral pointed out that an annual treatment may be needed to keep the hair growing.

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